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About AgBrazil

AgBrazil is the world's first professional services firm focused specifically on opening Brazil's frontier agriculture to international investors. We incorporated in the late 1990s in State of Missouri, USA and maintain offices in Columbia, Missouri USA.

AgBrazil represents clients' interests in seeking profitable agricultural and agribusiness investments in the Brazilian frontier. We work only for our clients and do not, in any way, represent other parties including land sellers, intermediaries, land brokers or suppliers/vendors of services or products

AgBrazil services include exploratory investment trips, strategic investment information, investment feasibility analyses, facilitation of property acquisition, establishment of Brazilian companies, and the identification of reputable professional, technical and management services.

AgBrazil is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is committed to absolute integrity and confidentiality in all client relationships.

AgBrazil's President

Phil Warnken is AgBrazil President and founder with experience in Brazil extending over 40 years. An authority on Brazilian agriculture, he writes frequently on the subject, and is the author of The Development and Growth of the Soybean Industry in Brazil, published by Iowa State University Press. He lived in Brazil for many years, working out of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília. Fluent in Portuguese and other languages, he maintains an extensive network of contacts in Brazil's private and public sectors. He has an agricultural background and served as President of Warnken Farms, Inc., a commercial grain farm in Reno County, Kansas, USA. He also is Vice President and co-owner of Warnken Properties, LLC, a family-owned property development and management firm in Columbia, Missouri, USA. He holds the Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University, and the MS and BS degrees in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University. For details on his background and experience, see his summary resume.

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